Benefits and Contraindications

Massage Benefits

Well Known Benefits Of Massage Include:-


Contraindications are conditions that will not react well to or improve with massage. Some conditions will mean that you will need to get your doctors approval before commencing massage treatment, such as diabetes, low or high blood pressure, epilepsy, whilst others will just mean a restricted treatment - for instance if you suffer from varicose veins I would need to avoid that area but can still treat other areas. If you are in doubt please seek your doctors approval before booking a treatment

The following are examples of conditions that cannot be treated by massage:

Varicose veins, open cuts, bruising are examples of conditions that can receive restricted treatment.
Bacterial, viral or fungal conditions will need to be fully treated before any treatment.

Please check first with your doctor if you are on any medication as massage can interfere with the absorption rate of some medications.

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