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Clients' Comments

I have been seeing Jane now for over 10 years. She is a miracle worker… an expert in her field, passionate and enthusiastic and totally dedicated to her clients and profession.
If you have any sports injury niggles or even better just want to have a regular looking after I would highly recommend Jane.
-Amanda Ward

Jane is wonderful, not only with what she does, but as a person. Jane actively listens to everything you say. It's hard explaining how you feel, it's hard to know if what you are feeling is what is causing the problem. Jane listens intently and somehow manages to pinpoint the issue quickly and always finds a solution.
I have had previous surgeries (back and hip) and am hypermobile to the extreme. I'm either well and upright or laid up, there is no in-between. Historically and due to my history, other professionals would only hear back surgery and not listen, they would miss the actual issue and I would be left in more pain. Jane is the only person I would trust to go near my back and hip. Her knowledge is incredible, her manner is calming, her hands are miracle workers and her personality ensures you don't feel uncomfortable at any point. Jane straightens me out from all perspectives and I am very grateful I found her. I would highly recommend Jane. You will leave her feeling so much better than when you arrived.
-Tracy Owens

Jane is brilliant! So thorough in her assessment and excellent in her treatment, got me through Christmas 2013 and the New Year when I fell down the stairs on Christmas Eve :( I was already receiving treatment from her for a minor back problem but I made it worse with the fall, by mid January 2014 I was back to full mobility, can't praise her enough.
-Janine Fletcher

Great start to a Saturday morning, fab massage and my shoulders feel great now... See u in a few weeks Jane x
-Debbie Burgess

Jane has magic hands!!! She has has massaged and pummelled my calves back to fitness and got me running again after tearing both calf muscles. She finds areas of tightness which I didn't know existed and has got me doing the correct stretches and exercises to ensure I don't damage myself again.
I have no hesitation in recommending Jane to anyone who has an injury or even just wants a regular sports massages to relieve muscle tension and keep the body supple.
Thanks Jane for mending me and getting me back to exercise and running.
5 stars
-Karen Andrew

I've been going to Jane for a year now, once a month to get my knotty body sorted. Feels like visiting a friend as we put the world to rights during the massage!
-Susan Elizabeth Holt

Iv been seeing Jane now for quite some time I would highly recommend her. Iv seen lots of other people over the years and payed a lot more then I pay Jane Give her a try you won’t be disappointed. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
-Christine Mcelroy Leavy

I have visited Jane to fix many issues over time (most prominently my lower back). She is brilliant. Utterly professional and gifted. When my wife first recommended that I should go for my back, which I suffered with due to L2/L3/L4/L5 bulges and impingements that happened years back due to sports, I was sceptical as I’d seen a physio for almost a year, osteopath for 12 appointments and a chiropractor for 6 appointments. I was wrong to be sceptical - my suffering reduced to nothing with manipulation and supporting exercise advice - only getting a small flare up when I’m not careful, but with Jane she can manage this for me. I thank Jane for giving me my life back. I recommend without hesitation.
-Ricky Williamson

Had my first massage with Jane today and it was excellent. Been suffering with my back for ages due to my job and the posture I use in work. After the massage I felt 10 foot taller. Would 100% recommended Jane to anyone that is suffering with aches and pains . Thanks Jane and see you again very soon.
-Sarah Louise Garner

Jane is amazing, the relief I feel a few hours after a massage is amazing! here s hoping I sleep tonight ! Thank you so much!?
-Louise Sara

Healing hands! Jane has on several occasions turned me from a hobbling cripple (always due to lack of stretching on my behalf) into being able to run pain free again. She is absolutely fantastic.
Amazing results
-Angus Rose

I have been seeing Jane every month for around 4/5 years. She is an absolute diamond! I have had recurring back problems for around 15 years and have never found someone who knows so much about the body and helps. Tip: if she gives you homework, do it! I found this out after about 4 years, it actually works! ??
Not only is she fantastic at her job and what she does but she is the best person and has definitely become a confidant over the years!
I wouldn't go anywhere else and I suggest you do the same! ?️‍♂️
-Melissa Savage

I have seen Jane for the last 6 years when I have a problem. As a nurse I have intermittent lower back problems whenever I have a problem I know I can count on Jane to get to the heart of the problem and resolve it. In early 2019 I started with a re-occurrence of Plantar Fasciitis in my foot and spoke to Jane who advised come along and let’s see what we can do. Jane was amazing and a few sessions of shock - wave therapy resolved my plantar fasciitis and subsequent back pain.
I have returned to running and had a session with Jane looking at my running technique and what small changes I can make to increase energy efficiency and avoid injury.
What I like about Jane is that she will do her best to fit you in and provide exemplary treatment and go that extra mile to make you feel well, thanks Jane
-Helen Bateman

Jane was recommended by two friends who had benefitted from Jane's physio and advice. Jane is really knowledgeable regarding bone structure and stretches that will aid recovery. The sports massages have supported my running and I feel made me stronger. Jane is friendly and I have felt comfortable at ease during my visits. Jane is very person centred and is very interested in the person and supports personal challenges. It's my challenge this year to run my first marathon and I feel with Jane's physio support, knowledge and encouragement I will achieve this goal. I would highly recommend Jane as a sports physio.
-Lynda Clifford

I first meet Jane Murray through a mutual friend of ours. He is a successful Personal Trainer in the physical health industry, so a recommendation from him saw me making an appointment straight away. Upon meeting Jane we hit it off straight away. With her quirky scene of humor and beaming smile she got to work on my bad leg. I called it pleasure and pain cos it's not just a nice massage but she has a way of making you laugh while she digs her elbows deep into the problem area, hence the pain part.
I had many follow up visits and not all of them because I needed them. In fact I found them very relaxing, after she had got the pain bit out if the way. As events have unfolded I found myself going into hospital for surgery of a quite different nature. But Jane didn't turn her back on me and say there's nothing more I can do. She knew more about my surgery than I did. Jane gave me lots of advice about the importance of pre hab - which has helped me not only keep my fitness up and stress levels down but has helped my recovery enormously. She had gone and researched every little detail from recommending a top surgeon to sorting my prehab program, putting my mind at ease and putting a smile back on my face. I cannot recommend this girl highly enough and a true friendship has come out of a singe recommendation. If you have a sports injury, a bad back, foot or arm, want injury prevention or just a massage give her a call, you won't regret it.
-J Donnelly

I have found Jane to be very informative from the numerous visits I have had. I always come away knowing how I've injured myself and what further exercises I may need to do to assist my recovery. The service is excellent value for money and because of this I do not hesitate in recommending her to anyone.
-Ian Halsall

I had an appointment with Jane as I had been struggling with tension in my back, neck and shoulders. Jane is committed to addressing the root cause of problems and treating them quickly and effectively. Her treatment was very thorough and she offered detailed explanations and advice throughout the session. Even after the first treatment, the results were amazing. I can say Jane undertakes her work with the utmost professionalism and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her services.
-Michelle Wilde

Hello Jane
A few words on all the help you have given me over the years. I had been away from running for along time, but came back when was inspired to lose the office weight after I started in a predominantly desk job at 43. With that came a sudden weight gain, so I made an effort to change my eating and exercising routines. Running, cycling and swimming were all restarted but all brought breaks, sprains and niggles especially as I was carrying 30kg more than now. Jane first helped me with the rehabilitation from injuries (several times) but has since helped me by increase strengthening and flexibility. The thing about therapy I found to be most important was the maintenance visits, once a month, keeps all but the niggles away, and these are soon dealt with before becoming chronic issues. Thanks Jane
-Mark Ardern Advanced Paramedic

I have had many sessions with Jane and each and everyone has been superb. Jane is very thorough and extremely knowledgeable. She has helped me on numerous occasions mainly for injury prevention for my running and recovery after a race. Highly recommended.
-Susan Mee

Jane is fantastic at getting me in tip top shape for racing and correcting the damage I seem to inflict upon myself whilst racing and training for ironman triathlon and quadrathlon. Jane has helped me exceed my expectation in races by giving me the confidence my body is in good shape.
-Mat Stephenson World Ironman Competitor

After 5 years of shoulder pain seeing a chiropractor, an Osteopath and numerous physiotherapists costing many hundreds of pounds and not getting anywhere, I was put in touch with Jane. Jane's knowledge and enthusiasm for her profession, her excellent communication skills and genuine determination to help people out of pain and suffering, made her stand out to me from other professionals that I visited. After only a couple of sessions a significant improvement to my condition was achieved, Jane was then able to prescribe shoulder exercises in order for me to continue the healing for myself and prevent a re-lapse.
-Christian Clark

Having struggled with a sacral joint problem and general tension in the back, neck and shoulder muscles for years and having had to attend many physio appointments I was advised that a regular sports massage would help. I had a first appointment with Jane towards the end of last year and found her to be extremely knowledgeable, her treatment extremely thorough with plenty of advice throughout the treatment and follow-up appointments. I felt better after the first appointment than I had done for a long time. I would not hesitate to recommend her.
-Jane Castree

After suffering from a stiff and tense shoulder I was trying to find someone locally who could help - I came across Jane's website and thought I would give it a go - best decision I could have made. After a couple of intense sessions and some of Jane's fab taping, my shoulder soon felt better - the dull nagging pain that leads to headaches was gone - great! I do quite a bit of keeping fit - general running, cycling, gym etc and I always suffer from various aches and niggles particularly down my left side and lower back - having discovered Jane, I realised how beneficial it was to actually see her regularly - she is great at pinpointing the exact problem and treating it effectively as well as giving me a general 'pummeling' as I call it. I would recommend everyone to have a regular session with Jane even if you have no specific problem - you will not believe how much better you feel (getting rid of all those toxins) and how much more supple your muscles feel. I recently did a trek to Jordan doing circa 100k in just over 4 days - I was amazed that I had no real muscle pain or strains and I put this down to being looked after by Jane - oh and by the way she is also a lovely, friendly person who is passionate wbout what she does.
-Amanda Ward

I've run distances up to 95 miles in one go, but usually aim at multiple marathons or multiple ultras. I don't stretch or have sports massages, or should I say, I didn't used to stretch or have sports massages.

In May 2013 I attempted to run from Hyde to Bournemouth, a distance of approx 230 miles in six days. I didn't know Jane but she kindly offered her services to help me on my way!! Jane made me feel comfortable and did a thorough health screening, taking in to consideration major abdominal and thoracic surgery I had had, along with a stroke two and a half years earlier. She explained everything she was doing, the reason and hopeful outcome.

The work she did was amazing, my running became easier and recovery quicker. I'd always had issues with my calves, small tears and pulls, and two weeks prior to the event (due to my stupidity) I pulled my calf again. I could hardly walk and thought that a year of planning was down the drain. Jane worked her magic - massages, taping and ultra sound, she even came on the first day of the run and taped me up. She was on the end of the phone throughout the six days for advice and encouragement. I'm stubborn when it comes to challenges, but hand on heart, without Janes skills, help and advice, I wouldn't have finished that run. I can't recommend her highly enough.
-Steve Phillips Ultra Runner

I do alot of running, averaging about 30 miles a week and have over the years needed a good sports massage and rub to put me back together. Jane never fails to put me back together and rub any pain away. She is so knowledgeable, and has taught me alot about how the human body works. It is apparent she really cares about the treatment she gives you and gives 100% everytime.

I have run 3 marathons and after each one have been left with various aches and pains particularly on my back, each time I have run a marathon I have booked in with Jane after and she has fixed me, I have no doubt after my next marathon in April I will be seeing Jane 'magic hands' Murray again to massage me and tape me up to help me recover from the gruelling run.

I can not recommend Jane enough, and have indeed recommended her to many of my friends and family who also share the same opinion as me, she is brilliant and I would not see anyone else for sports therapy.
-Claire Galt Marathon Runner

Jane first treated me when I had sciatica problems and after only one session I could feel the improvement. I have been going regularly ever since and as I suffer from MS my issues can vary each time. Jane always tailors the treatment to what ever issues I am having at the time. I would happily recommend her.

Keith Wright
-Keith Wright

I first went to see Jane to treat my aches and pains. It didn’t take long to get to the bottom of my issues, and I am now pain free thanks to Jane’s attention to detail and effective treatment.

Jane is now working on my Lymphatic system. My system is clogged preventing lymph fluid from draining well. This build up make areas of my body painful to touch. The first few sessions were painful, but the relief after makes it so worth it!

In my case there are stubborn in areas, but Jane won’t be beaten. She has the use of an ultrasound machine as well as other machines to really get in their deep, which aids in the draining. The benefits are visual, and I have noticed an improvement in my health and wellbeing. My body now works more efficiently.

I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else! I highly recommend her. Thanks Jane!
-Janet Kelly