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Functional Biomechanical Running Assessment

Want to improve performance ? Agility? Distance? Whatever your needs we can help you. 

As opposed to many biomechanical assessments on the market today, this is not an orthotics led analysis. It’s a unique approach to identify your individual  muscular skeletal weaknesss and strengths and then work to correct what we see. 

The appointment consists of a running analysis on our in-house treadmill, a functional analysis and then running re-education. We will look at muscle activation, stability, compensation movements and single leg discrepancies to see why you’re getting injured and identify any inefficient running patterns that may lead to injury. And then work to correct it to get you either back to running, to help prevent recurring injuries, to get you faster and/or raise your distance. Let’s help to get you running more efficiently whatever your goal and whatever you’re looking to achieve!

Run by Jane, a qualified Sports Therapist with over 10 years experience looking at postural and sports injuries, including a season with the first team at Salford Reds Rugby Club.